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Scaffold, build, and maintain npm packages using standardized configurations and practices. Supports JavaScript and TypeScript.

📦 Zero-config packages

No longer fiddle with Babel, Rollup, Webpack or other tooling configurations. Packemon configures packages automatically using sane and common defaults.

🧩 Multiple platforms

Support either or both Node.js and Web based platforms on a per-project or per-package basis, with more platforms coming in the future.

🗂 Agnostic project structure

Whether your project repository contains one package (polyrepo) or many packages (monorepo), Packemon will handle any and all patterns.

🌐 Stable environments

Supported browser targets, React Native targets, Electron versions, and Node.js versions are carefully crafted to provide long term support and stability, with the ability to experiment.

⚡️ Runtime formats

Want to support ECMAScript (ESM)? CommonJS (CJS)? What about Universal Module Definition (UMD)? Or maybe Node.js modules? Packemon supports all of them out of the box.

🚀 Distribution checks

We provide safety checks to ensure your package's contain valid licenses, entry points, metadata, and much more!