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ECMAScript first

Packemon utilizes the babel-plugin-cjs-esm-interop plugin to transform ECMAScript module code (ESM) to CommonJS code (CJS) and vice versa. However, it's much easier to transform from ESM to CJS, as async code (import()) can be translated to non-async code (require()) without issue, but the reverse is not possible.

Because of this, we suggest writing all source code in ESM (.mjs, .ts, .tsx, .js with module type). Modules are the future, so start using them today!


  • Use import or import() instead of require().
  • Use export const or export {} instead of exports.<name>.
  • Use export default instead of module.exports.
  • Use import.meta.url instead of __filename and __dirname.
  • Use module.createRequire() or the resolve package instead of require.resolve().
  • Do not use require.extensions or require.cache.
  • Do not use process.env.NODE_PATH.

For a full list of changes, view the official Node.js documentation.